Santos Ortega

Corporate affairs advisor

Public affairs professional with broad experience in reputation, corporate and political communications, advocacy, lobbying and training. Knowmad and Networker. Lecturer in educational institutions. Always interested in public opinion, leadership and sustainability.

He is an expert in media training, having worked with a diverse range of spokespersons, including Presidents, CEOs, Ministers, Congressmen, Senators, Mayors, and political candidates.

His experience spans multiple sectors and industries, including environment, waste management, tourism, education, trade associations, the third sector, retail, cosmetics, food and beverages, spirits, direct selling, public administrations, political parties, energy, telecommunications, finance, insurance, healthcare, and logistics.

He also collaborates with a global emerging market corporate affairs and public policy agency, assisting leading companies and organizations in market entry and growth across Central & Eastern Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Asia

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16:45 - 17:10

INTERVIEW II: Unlocking the Circular Economy: Strategies for Sustainable Growth

ISMAEL AZNAR – ESG Legal Leader EMEA, Partner PwC Interviewer: SANTOS ORTEGA - Corporate affairs advisor