Markus Müller 

Chief Investment Officer ESG, Deutsche Bank Private Bank

Markus main research focus lie in the structural transformation of economies and societies as well as in the area of sustainability. Markus authored several books and articles on the transformation of society and economies. Markus is currently Global Head of the Chief Investment Office of the Private Bank, Deutsche Bank AG. In June 2022 he took over the role of Chief Investment Officer ESG in addition to his current function.

Markus began his career at Deutsche Bank in DB Research as executive assistant to the chief economist. During his studies at Münster University in Germany, he acquired broad international experience with focus on China, later working as an Economist at Allianz Life Insurance in Shanghai. Markus has held teaching posts in corporate finance and economics, being a visiting scholar at the Frankfurt School of Finance and the University of Bayreuth as well as at the Banking and Finance Academy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Tashkent.

In January 2019 Markus H.-P. Müller published his first book under the title „Neo-Ordoliberalismus – Zukunftsmodell für die Soziale Marktwirtschaft“ at Springer-Gabler. His recent book he published in May 2021 under the title “Deutschland und China zwischen Kooperation und Konkurrenz”. In 2023 he will publish his new book on India on its transformation to a post-industrial economy.

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Creating the Virtuous Circle: making business fit for a nature-compliant future

MARKUS MÜLLER - Chief Investment Officer ESG, Deutsche Bank Private Bank